The Tri-Pro has been tested to the following standards:

 Fire tested to:
 B.S. 476 parts 20 - 22: 1987 for 4 hours
 by BRE/LPC - reports FG7386 & FG7386a refer
 Aerodynamic tested to:
 B.S. E.N. 1751:1998
 by BSRIA - report 16593/1 refers
 Tested for Leakage and Resistance
 Conformance to:
 HVCA Ductwork Specification DW144 as relevant
 Eurovent Specification 2/2 as relevant

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For further details regarding the testing of Tri-Pro Check the following links:
Fire Test   |   Fire Test Graph   |   Pressure Drop Graph   |   Leakage Graph

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