The revolutionary Tri-Pro damper has
been developed after extensive market
and engineering research, resulting in
the design of 3 Products In One.
This unique design combines Fire,
Smoke and Volume Control in one
damper - hence the product name.
The Tri-Pro has many design features incorporated that assist the specifier,
the installer and the operator to fulfill
their responsibilities in the
ever-demanding specifications of
today's building codes and practices.

The Tri-Pro damper allows the re-setting
of the blade, the changing of the
thermal link and periodical testing of the
damper to be completed from outside
of the damper and ductwork, without
the need of special tools and equipment.
When inspecting and operating the
damper, the detail to safety will
be appreciated by engineers of all trades,
as the Tri-Pro has been researched,
designed, constructed and tested with
safety of life and protection of property
at the forefront of its development.
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