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 Mounting Specifications  Technical Specifications
 Actuator to Valve  Mounting standard
 EN ISO 5211 (preferred)
 Torque Output Range  Double Acting - 27-1006Nm
 Spring Return - 15-598Nm
 Pinion Drive  Parallel or diagonal square
 head EN ISO 5211
 Travel Adjustment  Over travel (at each end) 5°
 Under travel, min 20°
 Accessories  NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845  Operating Medium  Air (dry or lubricated)
     Temperature Range  Minus 30° to plus 90°
     Air Supply Pressure  8 bar (116psi) max.
     SNP Technical Data
     Hardness - Rockwell  C53
     Hardness - Vickers  550 HV
     Surface Finish  Ra 10
     Corrosion Resistance  to salt water spray in
 accordance with ISO 3768


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